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The new whiskey tasting glasses are specifically designed to enhance the Whiskey tasting expeirence! The glass has a wide tulip shaped top which is designed so the drinker can get more of their nose into the glass to amplify the aromas of the Whiskey.

The new glasses come in either the Skellig design or the Celtic Flame Pattern and are approx 5” in height and 2.5” in width at the top

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3 reviews for Whiskey Tasting Glass

  1. Rudy Kallock

    I purchased 2 of the Celtic flame Whiskey Tasting glasses during my visit to Dingle…3 years ago. Purchased two more for my good friends living in New Hampshire during my trip back to Dingle last year.

    They are special glasses. Well crafted with a good weight in both hands. Rotating the glass to free the whiskey’s spirit brings me back to Dingle. Releases the craft that Sean Daly and his family put into the glass. Don’t believe I will ever experience anything better to appreciate a good whiskey.

    Highly recommend these glasses or anything else that Sean puts out there. He is a wonderful man as is his great family.

  2. Matt Kelley

    Unequivocally, the best whiskey glasses I’ve ever used. Putting aside the stunning design and presentation of the glass, the functionality is superb. These glasses strike a wonderful balance between weight and design – you can feel this in your hand while drinking your whiskey. The flared lip lets you get your nose right into the glass and give a proper nosing of your whiskey. And of course the size is on point no matter how much or little you choose to pour.

    I purchased two of these years back and didn’t expect much beyond another beautiful whiskey glass – I was dead wrong. Shortly thereafter, it became essential that we purchase more. These have very quickly become the preferred whiskey glass around our house.

    Simply put, there is no reason to own any other whiskey glass. Where design meets function, that is Dingle Crystal.

  3. Jude Heil (verified owner)

    Drinking fine whiskey is an experience and part of that experience is the presentation and function of the glass. The Dingle crystal whiskey tasting glass combines handcut beauty with a glass that had obviously been crafted by craftsmen who understand the purpose of the glass as far as presentation of the whiskey to all of the senses. The glasses are substantial with deep cuts of amazingly unique designs. Visually the crystal enhances the nuances of the whiskey’s color. Then as you tilt the glass the shape of the fluted bowl captures the aroma for your nose and leading to that final sense of taste. These are by far the best whiskey tasting glasses that we own. All of our friends love them! Well worth it! Thank-you. Slainte!

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